Satellite Subsystems

Magellan has been building satellite subsystems for more than 15 years. Our heritage includes the SCISAT-1, CASSIOPE and RCM missions. Magellan has experience providing our customers with satellite subsystems solutions.

Control & Data Handling

The MAC-200 control and data handling unit (C&DH) unit provides spacecraft control processing, command decoding, command processing, telemetry encoding, data handling, and mass data storage. The MAC-200 C&DH is a compact PCI based computer system coupled with a powerful and unique suite of Magellan-manufactured peripheral cards that interface with digital and analog signals within the […]

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Power Control Unit

The Magellan power control unit (PCU) interfaces between the solar array, battery, and spacecraft power bus. The Magellan Power Control Unit (PCU) plays a key role in the spacecraft bus as the interface between the Solar Array, the Battery and the Spacecraft power bus.  During sunlit periods, the PCU directs solar power into the batteries […]

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