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Magellan offers kitting solutions providing point-of-use-kits to the industry’s leading OEMs.  The development of kits requires close collaboration with the OEMs to ensure the kits meet the customer’s exact specifications and arrive exactly where and when they are needed.  Magellan’s kitting services offer customers improved assembly efficiency, inventory control, and convenience.


Point-of-Use kit for commercial aircraft landing gear installation

  • Vertical integration across Magellan divisions
  • Robust Procurement organization
  • High and low rate programs
  • Capability  for min/max, consignment, Vendor Owned Inventory (VOI)
  • Single point of contact for complex outsourcing projects
Ellanef Kitting

Vane Box & Transition Duct

VaneBox on DA CMM with probe straight

Magellan Aerospace established environmentally-controlled manufacturing cells for the production of specialized structural components. These cells incorporate best-in-class high speed machining, CNC inspection, and assembly. Magellan utilizes these cells for the manufacture of aluminum components for the Joint Strike Fighter Program, specifically the VaneBox™ and transition ducts for the F-35B Short Take-Off and Landing Variant of the aircraft. The VaneBox™ and transition duct assemblies are flight critical structural components produced to very tight tolerances, and include three dimensional complex flow path geometry required for the vertical lift fan module.

EcoSpeed DST machining transition duct
  • 5-axis contour machining of flow path walls
  • Post assembly machining operations with high sensitivity penetrant, chemical processing, and paint coatings
  • High tolerance assembly machining (less than 0.001”)
  • Fatigue and fracture critical structural component